Audio Engineering Meditation Room

Here are sources of engineering information and entertainment. Audio engineers can be a crazy lot!

Along with  SoundOnSound listed below, one of the most respected and reliable sources of audio information, reviews, and interviews. The editor also provides a lot of moral support for those of us working in the trenches of audio engineering. The interviews can be very eye opening, and often expose the reader to little known engineers and studios  doing incredible things. If you’re in the business you can subscribe for free and get the monthly magazine  digitally and in hard copy. Very cool and not to be missed.

One of the most reliable sources of information and reviews on audio hardware and software, plus immense catalog of tutorials. Published in  England, so go figure. So much great audio gear and recording as come from there. Best thing to do is subscribe  to their monthly magazine, which can be delivered through their app obtained at iTunes.

Slipperman’s Distorted Guitars from Hell
An immense source of recording information and endless hilarity. The content is sprinkled with profanity, so avoid if you are particularly sensitive. Otherwise, a must read for anyone involved in recording, whether an engineer or artist.

Chris Lord Alge
Say what you will about Chris’s competitive nature, we find him to be very informative and entertaining. Also, love his studio and equipment collection!
Mixing Muse guitars YouTube (take special note of the Eventide H3000 “Death Flange”)
Pensado’s Place interview
Waves Tutorials

Pensado’s Place
Multitude of interviews with producers and audio engineers, providing an extraordinary amount of information about the art and business of audio.