Arrangement and Multi-Song Projects
For a song needing multi-instrumental arrangement, or a multi-song project, rates are based on the scope of the project rather than by the hour. Recording projects vary greatly, so it makes sense to discuss your vision for a song or album and then determine a cost that’s agreeable to everyone. Knowing the “fixed cost” for a project rather than watching the clock is a better way to go and usually is more affordable since the majority of projects take longer than anyone imagined! Making art tends to win out over making bank, so let’s focus on making great music and I’m sure the cost will not be an issue.

Demos and Student Projects
Single song demos for songwriters, students, or theater participants can be completed for a flat rate. At completion, a CD and MP3 will be provided. Also, the artist can be featured on our website if desired. Photos and videos can be fun to share with fellow musicians, students, and actors!

  1. Vocalist Demo: $250
    Record vocalist along with pre-recorded music, such as a “minus one” track. We can help you obtain these if desired.
  2. Vocalist and Instrument: $350
    Record vocalist and accompanying instrument.