About the Artists

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Meliza Surdi

Meliza is a Christian singer/songwriter living in the Bay Area of Northern California. She writes and performs original music and is an accomplished pianist. Projects with Meliza usually begin with recording a piano part and a lead vocal. Rob Cameron then produces the arrangement including guitars, bass, orchestration, and additional keyboard parts. Meliza then records a master lead vocal and background vocals. Together Meliza and Rob work out the final polish for the composition, then Rob mixes and masters the song. Meliza then manages the CD production and on-line media. Her songs can be heard throughout North America and she continues to build a strong following.  www.melizasurdi.com 

“Take Over”
“Rock My Baby”

Rob Cameron, Producer

Rob began studying guitar and learning to read music when he was nine years old. Through the years he learned to play in many styles playing in the Bay Area. In college he studied theory, classical guitar, and composition, and audio recording. Rob  attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, where after graduation he worked at the school as Dean of Students and ultimately Admissions Director. While at MI he was part of the team that developed the systems for managing student records, financial aid, testing, and compliance with educational regulations.

While working at MI, he also assembled a project studio where he worked on his own original music and also collaborations with other artists. During these experiences he developed an understanding of computer assisted production and an understanding of signal flow and computer networking.  Rob made his way back to N.CA during the 1990’s where he became immersed in the Silicon Valley technology scene, leveraging the technology background gained in S.CA.  He worked as independent consultant doing technology, marketing, and competitive analysis research projects for tech companies, investment banks, venture capital, and commercial banks. During that time he co-founded a venture debt firm which made investments in early stage technology companies, and later held management positions in several large banks in their technology finance divisions. All the while Rob continued to expand his recording studio and build a portfolio of songs for publishing. Now, Rob is back to working full-time on music endeavors and building a reputation for audio recording and composition in N.CA.


Reign is a progressive rock band located in San Jose California, consisting of Jay Anthony on bass and vocals, Rob Cameron on guitar, and Denny Coulter on drums. Covid slowed us down, but we’re ramping back up for shows in Q4 2022! One of our videos can be found on the  Videos page.

BuddhaSound Productions

The studio produces a variety of artists and music for publishing, mixing and mastering. A sample of these can be heard on our Music page. To see current videos, please head over to Videos.