Recording Process at BuddhaSound

A lot of the time we work with songwriters that play piano or guitar who want their songs built up to full blown productions. This may include arranging electric guitars, bass, drums, synths, string sections, and whatever else the composition needs. This production work is carried out primarily by Rob Cameron. Other contributors are called in if desired, but from a cost perspective and ability to achieve a complete composition efficiently, Rob is able to do it all.

Singer Songwriter – Step by Step
  1. Artist plays song in the studio
  2. Discuss direction of song, chart music and production plan
  3. Vocal and instrument microphone selection and placement
  4. Record several instrument tracks
  5. Record lead vocal tracks, then background vocals if any
  6. If additional instrumentation is desired, the artist’s work is done at this stage and the producer programs the various parts
  7. The producer sends artist an MP3 with the music built around the basic song and then the artist and producer discuss any additions or changes
  8. A final MP3 and CD in wave format is provided to the artist
  9. Artist’s photo and song can then featured on the studio website to share with friends if desired! If the artist has a video, that can also be uploaded to the site
Mixing and Mastering Projects
  1. Artist / Producer delivers stems
    • Stems labeled by instrument, vocal, background vocal, etc.
    • Stems should be printed without any master bus effects, such as reverb or limiting
  2. Discussion about musical direction for the song(s), and possible references to other music examples
  3. Preliminary mix delivered,  discussion with artist / producer
  4. Final mix created and upon acceptance, digital delivery of song(s) in desired formats (44.1K, MP3, Flac, etc.)
  5. If mastering is desired, final mix will be mastered, primarily for loudness compliance. If multiple songs, then formatted for CD production as well as streaming.