Welcome to BuddhaSound Recording Studio

BuddhaSound is located in San Jose, California, in the home of Producer, Rob Cameron. The studio focuses on mixing and mastering projects, singer/songwriter recordings, and arranging and orchestration projects. The studio had it’s origins in Santa Cruz, moved to Los Angeles for many years, and has returned to Northern California. Some recent projects include tracking, composing, mixing and mastering the latest songs from Meliza Surdi, which are getting airplay throughout North America.

Projects that are common at BuddhaSound include:

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Recording for songwriters, with options for additional composition, arrangement, and instrumentation
  • Orchestral arrangements, synthesizer treatments, guitar, bass, and other instruments
  • Demo packages for individuals working on growing their music careers, such as young singers who are applying for theater opportunities or advanced education

Send an email if you have an idea for a project or want to learn more about working with BuddhaSound: rob@buddhasound.us